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Look beyond “base-level” security to build a valuable container security company

Much has been written about how containers are porous – that they are not as secure as virtual machines. Infact, a while ago, I penned a blog about how security is the weakest area of containers. What a difference a few months have made – Docker, CoreOS and quite a few other groups have been […]

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Security is the biggest unsolved problem for Containers

Container security is not a well-solved problem today. While containers can isolate several areas of the underlying host from the containerized application, it is well known that the isolation is not as robust as that offered by virtual machines. Today it is still quite unclear as to how secure containers really are. An example that underlines […]

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The O in Opus is for operations. Opus has been instrumental from the start in helping to shape Payfone from an idea to a company.

– Rodger Desai CEO Payfone