About Us

At Opus Capital, we're energized and excited about venture investing. The outlook for early-stage technology companies is very promising, especially for investors with a long history of success and deep operating experience.

With each company in our portfolio, we work to accelerate growth—helping entrepreneurs build strong, sustainable enterprises. We do this by facilitating key relationships, providing access to critical resources and giving counsel on strategy, finance and operations.

Early-Stage Venture Investors — Long Term Perspective

We are here to help entrepreneurs build great companies. Over the years, we’ve developed strong relationships with many entrepreneurs who come to us time and again with their new ventures.

We invest not just capital, but time, energy and expertise. We invest not just in companies, but in people and ideas. As a result, we bring our collective experience, contacts and knowledge to bear on every opportunity we pursue.

Proven Investment Success

We have more than $1 billion under management and are actively investing our sixth fund. Over the past two decades—since our roots at Weiss, Peck & Greer Venture Partners—we’ve been involved in more than 80 successful outcomes, including 50 IPOs. Our investment team has played integral roles as investors in the early stages of many successful companies including Adaptec, Bridge Communications, DoubleClick, FedEx, Harmonic, Galileo, Informatica, Phone.com, QED and Vantive. In most cases, we remain involved with companies even after they realize a positive liquidity event.

Experience that Counts

In addition to investment success, our team also has strong operational expertise across each of our target sectors—from Internet and mobile to networking and semiconductor. The Opus general partners are either former CEOs or have held significant line operating positions at successful companies like Decru, Electronics for Imaging, and Formtek (acquired by Lockheed). With this operating experience each of the Opus partners has substantial experience successfully managing change within complex, dynamic environments.