Investments In Israel

Strong Track Record

The team at Opus Capital is continuing its 20 years of investment success in Israel by investing in early-stage Israeli information technology start-up companies. In two decades of continuous investing in Israel, we have refined a management and investment model that has proven beneficial for Israeli entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

The Opus Capital Israeli Investment Model

Opus Capital invests in early-stage companies that are building next-generation products within fast growing segments in the information technology market. Typically, we syndicate Israeli investments with Israel-based venture capital firms. This proven model adds significant value to the entire venture community by connecting American investors and businesses with Israeli investors and entrepreneurs.

Successful Israeli-related investments made by Opus team members:

Electronics for Imaging (NASDAQ: EFII)
Leading-edge printing products

Galileo Technology (acquired by Marvell)
Embedded control chips for RISC processors

Harmonic, Inc. (NASDAQ: HLIT)
Fiber optic and wireless transmission equipment

Mercury (acquired by HP) (NASDAQ: HPQ)
Business Technology Optimization (BTO) software and services

SolarEdge, Inc. (NASDAQ: SEDG)
A global leader in smart energy technology

Terayon Corporation (acquired by Motorola) (NASDAQ: MSI)
Two-way data comm over hybrid fiber coaxial cable networks

Zoran (acquired by CSR plc) (NASDAQ: CSRE)
Offers integrated circuits and software products for digital audio and video compression applications

Deep Roots

In addition to its successful investment track record, the Opus team has strong connections to Israel. Two of our general partners were born and raised in Israel. Members of the firm have led multiple missions to Israel, bringing U.S. investors and technology leaders there to establish and grow relationships with Israeli entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

A Committed Team

Opus Capital provides Israeli entrepreneurs and venture capitalists with an American investment partner who understands and respects Israeli business culture and is deeply committed to Israel. Receiving investments from a U.S.-based fund provides Israeli entrepreneurs with unmatched access to the combined networks of our general partners in exactly the same way that network is accessible to U.S. entrepreneurs. The knowledge, information and contacts we make available to the entrepreneurs we back are based on many years of operating and investing track records. At Opus Capital, we are committed to continuing our long-term investment strategy in Israel.

Investments In Israel

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