The O in Opus is for operations. Opus has been instrumental from the start in helping to shape Payfone from an idea to a company.

– Rodger Desai CEO Payfone

Working With Us

Our Purpose

We founded Opus Capital for the sole purpose of assisting entrepreneurs to build market leading enterprises. Great entrepreneurs represent the cornerstone of successful companies, so getting to know you at the earliest stages of your company formation is important to us.

Below is an outline of what you can expect during our investment decision-making process.

Getting Started

First, submit an executive summary or presentation to one of our investment professionals. A warm introduction from someone who knows both you and us helps accelerate the process – but is not required.

It is best to direct your information to the partner who appears to be most closely aligned with your sector. We will review your business idea, and reply to you if there is interest in learning more about your company.

If there is interest, we will respond and request an initial in-person meeting (or phone if you are geographically remote), which will not exceed one hour. A presentation length of 15 to 20 slides is usually adequate. During this time we want to learn about:

  • The leadership of the company
  • Your product (a demonstration is encouraged if applicable)
  • Your target customer
  • The problem you solve for your customer
  • How you plan to reach your customers
  • Competition
  • Market opportunity
  • Business model and high level financial forecasts
  • Your capital requirements

Next Steps

After the first meeting, we will determine if it makes sense to continue on diligence. If there is a continued interest on our part, we will introduce you to a second partner who will complete the deal team.  Both partners need to be supportive to move forward with diligence.  We will likely have several additional meetings with your team to review the topics below in more detail:

  • Team dynamics and additional needs on the management team
  • Analysis of the customer need and product fit
  • Technology review
  • Marketing plan
  • Financial projections
  • Terms of financing

Upon completion of the diligence process, we will talk with you about our interest in moving forward with an investment proposal.

Working With Us

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